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I've just got back from Villa Tortuga, Cuba last night, and here's my personal experience over there. ENVIRONMENT: Me and my boyfriend spent 8 days there, the hotel itself is set along the beach in Varadero. It is actually located at the one end of the beach. It doesn't really matter as to which part in Varadero the hotel is loacted, as every direction of the beach is beautiful. In fact, I quite like the location of this Villa, as it's easier to get around from one end to the other.

As for the Villa itself, the pool is actually nicer than it looks from various picture. There are washrooms everywhere you go, and they are well-maintained. The ROOM: We arrived at 11:00pm, so there wasn't many rooms left. We've booked a garden view room which located on the ground floor. The room itself isn't really that bad, but we just don't like it having no view and on the ground floor. We then tried our luck by asking the reception for another available room. Even though it was late at night, the reception there was really helpful. To our suprise, she gave us the superior room, facing the beach, with NO extra charge!!! We thank her by tipping her. As for facilities in the room, the basics are there, e.g. cabled TV, air-con. Keep in mind that this is not a 5 hotel, tooth brush, shampoo, and hair dryer won't be provided. Nonetheless, the room is simple and clean. The cleaner comes everyday to change our towels and clean our room. She is creative enough to fold our towels into various cute shapes everyday, like hearts and swans. FACILITY in the VILLA: There are programs everyday, e.g. dancing class, spanish class, volleyball on the beach etc. We didn't take part in them, but people seemed to be having fun there.

They have massage as well, which costs about $15 for an hour. Tennis court, ping-pong table are available too. We used the internet there a couple of times, although it's not the fastest, it's good enough for them to have a computer there. Since the long-distant call is quite costly there, ($1.7/min for Canada), using the medium-speed computer is a good way to keep contact with our friends. THE STAFF: The staffs there are very nice, although they aren't fluent in English (Cuban speaks spanish), they've always tried their best in explaining to tourists. I think it's just that Cubans are naturally nice, that's why all the staffs seem to be smiling and relaxing when dealing with great amount of visitors. They never ask for tips, but we think they deserve the little incentives. THE FOOD: Here's comes my biggest concerns before we go, we've heard of the horror of the food there before we go, so we were prepared for the worse to come. There are 3 places where you can eat, one serves 3 buffets a day (breakfast, lunch and the dinner), the other serves the Italian food and the last one is the bar where they serve the burger and hot dog. The buffets are acutally OK! Choices are available, all kinds of food are there every meals, hot food includes chicken, fish, beef, pork, rice, veggie...They also have the salad bar with good choices too! Dessert includes pastries, ice-cream and fruits. Although I'd not say it's a 'gourment', it's defintely plentiful and not as bad as some critics have said. As for the Italian resturant, it wasn't good, the pasta and pizza there aren't good, just very different from what you'd expect from our regular Italian food.

I'd not recommend this one. Now, keep in mind that I'm also a 'food-critic', but the food there is really not so bad, just don't expect too much from it. My only concern is that, sometimes the meat doens't seem well-cooked, and the food is not very hot. Also, sometimes visitors come all at once and they may not have enough time to change the table cloth, which at times, seem a bit dirty for me. Nonetheless, no one really seems to have problem with it (including my boyfriend). I didn't regret we spent our Xmas there. The Xmas dinner has changed my perspectives about food in that resturant. They had prepared all kinds of food that night, decorated the places, defintely lots of efforts can be seen here. The 'not-so-hot' food is buring that night and choices are even more and better. So I'd strongly suggest you go there in important festivals. TOURS: We went onto 2 tours guided by our travel representatives, the Sunset cruise and to Havana. The cruise was worht the $$, as we spent a day on the sea and went to the island Cayo Blanca. It was very nice as the weather wasn't very those few days (suprisingly). We enjoyed the sunshine and lobsters on the boats (extra cost). As for the Havana trip, the main purpose for me is to buy cigars in the cigar factory. However, the old Havana was quite good too, lots of 16th century building. The new part is actually quite slum, I'm glad that we didn't choose to go to Havana and stay in Varadero! Overall, the tours were good, but staying in the Villa enjoy the atmosphere is not a bad idea either. GET AROUND: Back in Varadero, we rented a scooter to drive around. There isn't a lot to visit in Varadero, we went to the flea market (44th and 1st Ave.) and Plaza America ( at the other end of Varadero), which are the 2 main places to go there. Not so much exciting things to do there, but the beach and sun score over any other activities. Suprisingly, the taxi with meter on is cheaper than most of other transports, but it's good to try out some other interesting ones too. Oh, one place I'd suggest you to visit is the Restaurant de Al, which is located at the very west-end of Varadero (our hotel is located at the West end already, to find it, you'll have to keep going to the west). It's a sea-front restaurant and they serve seafood. It may be costly (about $20pp), but it's good to try out new places, especially a nice one like this! FINAL REMARKS: Overall, the Villa should be rated higher than some people's opinion. Since everyone who comes to this hotel will know that, it's not expensive at all, compared to other hotels there, it's not a 5 hotel and people should be realistic to know when they book it. But it's definitely better than 2.5. Some parts of the hotel maybe btter than other, but the worse parts is at least 2.5, some are of course better than this. Therefore, my final conclusion for this hotel is 3.5. Anyone who isn't too picky will have a fun trip there. This hotel is not for those who expect luxurious food and fine creatures.

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